Who are Kids Bee Happy and Where do they come from?

Company Details:

Kids Bee Happy Ltd is a private owned award winning company founded in 2011 which deals exclusively in Sand Art.  We work with customers right across the spectrum from small independent part time businesses, through to some of the UK’s largest companies.  We work in partnership to ensure the best possible solution, creating customised products, providing training and support where needed, and easy online ordering software whatever the size of the business.

Sand Art Ltd

Registered Address: 145-157 St John Street, London, EC1V 4PW
Reg Co. No: 09170871
VAT Group Registration: 204625536

Sand Art Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kids Bee Happy Ltd and operates from Kids Bee Happy Ltd’s registered address.

Kids Bee Happy Ltd

Registered Address: 4C Fountains Way, Blackparks Industrial Estate, Stranraer, DG9 7UD
Reg Co. No: SC297247
VAT Group Registration: 204625536

Tel: 01776 889569

The Kids Bee Happy Values and Ethics

The first time we encountered Sand Art we were blown away by the possibilities.  Sand Art is a truly inclusive product, regardless of age or abilities, and our mission is to bring that Sand Art fun to everyone.

Inclusive Products

Kids Bee Happy designs Sand Art products to be inclusive.  That means that we don’t do “boys pictures” and “girls pictures”, we know there are plenty of girls out there that like motor cars and JCB’s and plenty of boys who enjoy making pictures of Dolphins and Mermaids.  Our pictures are designed for different abilities, and we try to ensure that the characters and designs on the pictures are appropriately matched by the level of complexity of the pictures.

We also know that Adults and older children enjoy Sand Art too, but probably don’t want to colour in the same type of pictures as pre-schoolers, so we always try to ensure that we have a balance mix of Sand Art pictures which includes designs appropriate for older children, adults with disabilities and learning difficulties and adults who just want to join in the fun.

We were very proud in 2015 to find that this effort had been recognised by the Let Toys be Toys award for commitment to gender neutrality in play.

Environmental Considerations

Here at Kids Bee Happy we do as much as possible to ensure that our operations have the minimum impact on the environment, and we do this across our business in a number of different ways.


Our Sand Art pictures are made using recycled paper.  The adhesive used on our Sand Art pictures is an eco adhesive, and the resin contains no palm oil.  Our Sand is dyed with an eco dye and sourced in the local country.

Shipping and Transport:

Products are delivered to our customers using DPD, who are committed to carbon neutral operations.  Their policies can be seen here.  Bulk and International shipping is conducted by preference by sea, with the use of air freight avoided where possible.  Kids Bee Happy’s own vehicles are chosen to minimise emissions.  Public Transport, and digital communications are used within group operations to minimise the number of journeys made, and their environmental impact.

Office & Operations

Solar Panels and large roof lights are used to maximise the amount daylight and reduce the requirement for electric heating and lighting.  All boxes used for packing and dispatching are made from recycled materials, and boxes are re-used wherever possible.

Commitment to Quality

At Kids Bee Happy we make High Quality Products, working with recognised and respected brands and characters.  We aim to fulfil orders promptly and efficiently, and support our customers with training and advise wherever necessary.

It is our aim to work with our customers to ensure that their customers have the best possible experience of Sand Art.