Yes.  If you have a business already and you want to add sand art onto your offering just contact us.  Our business package has everything in it that you need to add sand art to your business in one easy step.  Not only does it include the Sand Art equipment, but it also includes a starter pack of all the Sand Art materials and consumables.

Sand Art is the perfect add on to many business – for people like Facepainters,  it offers another revenue stream, and importantly one where you can service upto 25 children an hour.  For businesses such as cafes, restaurants, pubs and hotels, Sand Art is a calm and engaging activity which increases dwell time and encourages the families to come back.

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There are lots of Independent Consultants and local business all over the UK doing Kids Bee Happy sand art parties.   If you need help finding someone contact us.  And even if there isn’t anyone in your area we can supply you with everything that you need to do one yourself.

No, it’s not a Sand Art franchise.  We have a business package that you can buy and run, but it’s not a franchise.  So there are no territory issues, and most importantly no ongoing management fees or charges.  You simply purchase equipment and materials from us as you need them, and let us know whether you want to be included in our marketing group and receive party and other booking enquiries.

If you want to develop your business further then our “Business Builder” program gives you the option to recruit a team of people, consultants, who you can develop and grow, whilst earning a Team Bonus based on their purchases.  The “Business Builder” program gives you access to support, training and coaching to help you take your business onto the next stage.

(Kids Bee Happy was previously a franchise during 2011-12.  You may see reference to this on 3rd party websites – this is out of date information that the website owner has failed to update, and has no current basis.)

To do Sand Art at Home, you’ll need some pictures, some Sand Pens, a little stick, hooks and sleeves.

The Sand pens contain coloured sand in a squeezable bottle, and with a fine screw on nozzle at the end.  This nozzle is really important because it means that the sand comes out in a steady and controlled way, as well as letting children really pinpoint exactly where it wants to go.  If you’ve used other people’s sand art before with sand in little plastic bags then you will really appreciate the difference.  You’ll need a stick to help with the peeling of the top layer, and plastic sleeves and hooks for finishing and displaying.

All we recommend that you need at home is a table, a tray to make the picture on and tip the excess sand off onto, and a little pot to put the little bits of yellow paper in.

One set of sand pens will easily make one large and one standard size picture.  You can get two large pictures from one set of pens, however, by the end of the second large picture you may find the children end up using the colour that’s left, rather than their favourite colours.

It depends on a number of things, for example how old the children are, and how complex the sand art picture is, and also on the child’s personality type.  Our simplest pictures designed for younger children will take a young child approx. 15-20 minutes.  The more complex pictures designed for children 8 years and older can take anything up to an hour, sometimes longer.  If you have a child who likes attention to detail and symmetry, then you can anticipate that a picture will take them around 40 minutes.    (Our world record so far is 2 hours and 20 minutes – for a young lady who was making the Horse sand art picture – she spent a lot of time on attention to detail colouring in the body of the horse the same as her own one – Mum and Dad waited happily in the Hotel Bar enjoying a well earned glass of wine.)

Don’t worry, the pictures won’t spoil if they stop halfway.  As long as they have coloured in the sections that they have peel off then the sticky layer doesn’t dry out.  You can put it away and come back to it another day without any worries.

This is particularly useful if you have a child who has disabilities or special needs.  They can do a little bit of the picture over a number of days, and it will still look fabulous when it’s all finished.  The only thing we recommend is that you screw the lids back onto the sand pens to prevent spillage.

Kids Bee Happy Sandart is all about fun, and to make it more fun our pictures are large and sturdy. Our standard size sand art pictures are A5 size, and our large sand art pictures are A4 size.  The picture cards are also made of cardboard making it easier for the children to hold and make the picture, and making sure that when the pictures are finished they look just as wonderful as the children imagined it would be.

Shhhh, a little secret……… Adults always worry that young children will try and eat the sand, but they never do.  It’s like they know that it just doesn’t taste good – maybe from some of those mudpies in the garden.   However, just in case, the sand is dyed with a non toxic, colourfast, eco dye which is non harmful if consumed.   Although, we would recommend that no-one does eat it, as there are lots of things out there much better tasting, but if your child eats sand, then we recommend that you give them a glass of water to help it wash through.

It’s important that Sticky Sand Art is sticky.  And we’ve worked hard to make sure that that’s right. Underneath the yellow top layer is an extra sticky layer already glued for you. We’ve made it extra sticky so that the sand sticks everywhere, and so that the sand stays on the pictures.  You can turn your finished Sand Art picture upside down and shake it – and the sand will still stay on.

However, if you want, you can make special effects with the sand by scraping off the sand of a coloured in section.  The sand will scratch it off, but the stickiness stays underneath, which means that you can then add a second colour.  This is great for letting the children create their own artistic techniques such as sunsets, stripes and speckled effects.

No.  Kids Bee Happy Sand Art is as mess free as possible. The pictures are already sticky so there’s not messy glue to deal with.  All the children need to do is peel off the pre-cut sections to reveal the sticky underneath layer, and then simply sprinkle on the coloured sand.

We recommend that if you’re doing this at home that the children work on a tray – an ordinary kitchen tray will do just fine – and you put a little pot on the table for them to put the peeled off yellow pieces of paper into.