Keep your customers happy and join our growing number of commercial partners by offering Kids Bee Happy Sand Art.

Meeting Your Business Needs

Sand Art lets you meet the needs of both your business and your customers. Our Sand Art provides your business with an engaging children’s activity which entertains children in a calm environment and which parents delight in seeing their children participating in. Enhancing your customers’ experience, and importantly helping to drive repeat visits.

Excellent Return on Your Investment

You can offer Sand Art to your customers with minimal effort or set up.  The equipment is light, portable, easy to set up and requires very little floorspace.  It can be run with minimal staffing, and generates on average gross margins of over 60%.  The standard commercial sand art tables enable over 20 children an hour to make a sand art picture with you, creating a valuable additional revenue stream.

Easy and Quick Set Up

Joining us couldn’t be easier.  We can provide everything you need, with portable yet robust equipment, even training and advice if your staff require it. We have a wide range of pictures that customers love, and we can also add value to your marketing by turning your business’s mascot or characters into customised Sand Art pictures, creating pictures that reinforce your company’s key assets, themes and values.

Quality That Your Business Can Be Proud Of

The Kids Bee Happy Sand Art products are manufactured to the highest standards and are undoubtedly the best in the market.  We specifically produce high quality pictures so that not only do the children want to take home with them, but importantly, so that they keep and proudly display their sand art pictures, serving as a permanent reminder of how they enjoyed their visit to your business.